Glidden Healthcare is a corporation owned and run by Dr. Peter Glidden. Dr. Glidden is passionate about getting to the root of his patients' health issues. This focus has lead to him becoming one of the preeminent authorities in the world on wholistic naturopathic medicine. Dr. Glidden does webinars, podcasts and live shows and creates video and other high-quality content, all for the purpose of helping people with adopting the best possible approach to their long-term health. 

By adopting Paywallz as the solution for managing his subscribers, Dr. Glidden has been able to focus entirely on his content without worrying about the technology or financial side of things. Paywallz has helped him with managing subscriptions, member management, website editing (he lives in Florida and has his editors working from Canada without any issues) and marketing to third parties, all without complicating his life with extra financial or billing details. With Paywallz, Dr. Glidden currently offers four different plan types - Supporters-Live, Supporters-Archived, Advocates and Ambassadors. He now has over 600 members and is currently looking for Partners to help him reach even more people.