Who is Leiann King? She has mentored and trained thousands of individuals and families to have great health, relationships and businesses. Leiann is an energetic and informative speaker with a well spring of experience and insight. She is a California to Utah transplant, farmer’s wife and the Mother of four sons and five daughters. She started her first business when she was only 17 and make to the top 1% in her industry. She is a Certified Master Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, recent graduate in the raw food Teacher Training Course, and is an Internationally Certified Aromatherapist.  She is a professional member of both N.A.H.A. and the A.I.A., where she serves on the Board for Utah, and is registered with the Aromatherapy Council.

Problem: Over the past couple of decades Leiann has been travelling the United States to events ranging from a dozen people to over 400 in an effort to bring knowledge and practical wisdom to the therapeutic use of essential oils. Travel was expensive and exhausting and could reach only limited people at each event.

Solution: She's now turned to the web to reach even more people. After recording hundreds of hours and dozens of major public speaking engagements, Leiann is offering all of her recording in an organized and logical delivery through her website. In order to get compensated properly, she chose Paywallz as the member management and content protection service.

Action: Paywallz helped migrate her previous website (wordpress.org) to squarespace and setup Paywallz to operate on the site