Mandarin in 8 is a series of audio lessons - each episode only about 8 minutes long - combined with short homework assignments that together will help you to learn the Mandarin language. Each episode has been carefully assembled using the most modern, proven techniques for accelerating language acquisition. At the same time, I have endeavored to make these lessons fun.  There is already a library of 10 lessons to get you started and I add a new lesson each month. 

I have been through the process myself.
— Jordan Byman

What makes my lessons most unique is that I am not Chinese. My name is Jordan Byman and I'm a westerner who began learning the language about 18 years ago.  But you may ask yourself, "Is that a good thing? Why would I want to have a westerner teach me Mandarin?"  The answer is this: I have been through the process myself and can explain some rather difficult concepts more clearly to you than can someone who has never even thought about them. Native Mandarin speakers have never thought about why certain things are said in a certain way, why certain grammar rules are what they are or how best to explain the intonation that is a fundamental part of the language. In other words, they can speak it but can't always teach it