Pricing Overview

Paywallz has no setup or monthly fee. It can be setup to accept donations, add a membership system to a website, or even charge visitors to access premium content. If you charge for access there is a small transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30. We process credit card transactions, automate bank transfers, manage your subscribers.


2.9% + $0.30*
*Pricing rate guide here.
No setup cost
No monthly fees
No hidden fees
Unlimited memberships
Unlimited usage


Content protection. Member management.

It's easy and free to join. Paywallz is costs nothing to use (totally free) for content protection and member (subscriber) management. The only cost to using Paywallz, if applicable, is when charging money for subscriptions. If you want your visitors to pay to access premium content, we charge a small fee for processing the transaction.

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Available for businesses in 25 countries.

Paywallz does a lot to get your business up and running. All you have to do is set your subscription price on your Paywallz Dashboard, verify your bank account info with us, and we'll deposit your earnings every two days. 

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