Do you want to earn a commission from advertising and marketing a website that is using Paywallz?

A Partner is anyone who provides a link on their website that direct visitors to a Publisher. When a visitor to a Partner website goes to the Publishers website (via: link, banner, script, etc) and they sign up for a subscription on the Publishers site, a piece of tracking code will automatically associate that visitor with the Partner so that the Partner receives a commission. To become a Partner, all you need to do is sign up for a Paywallz account, provide some financial information - so you can receive commissions to your account - and be invited by the Publisher to be his/her Partner.  

how it works

When a Publisher and Partner connect, a unique promotional link (URL) is generated for the Partner to use. eg.

When someone visits the Publisher's website through the unique promotional link – that visitor is now accredited to the Partner for 30 days. If that same visitor becomes a subscribing Customer of the Publisher within those 30 days, a Commission (determined by the Publisher) will go to the Partner.

  • Partner Commission rates are controlled by the Publisher.
  • eg. has a Partner account connected to and 600 people follow a link from your website to the publishers website and become subscribers. With a 25% Partner Commission and subscription of $25/month, the Partner's commission is: $3,750/month.


Verified Partners (affiliates) receive a commission for referred Subscriptions to the publisher site. Each time a visitor goes to the Publisher's site, using the Partner promotional link and then subscribes to one of the Publisher plans, you will receive a commission for the subscription.

  • Publisher controls Partner commission rate.
  • Commission is based on total transaction amount.
  • Partners do not pay any fees.
  • Partner commission transactions have a 2% surcharge (incurred by the publisher)


Publisher Earnings and Partner Commissions are automatically transferred from Paywallz to the Publisher and Partner (if any) within 2 days of the customer charge.