These instructions will make the widget appear on EVERY page within your site. However, this does not necessarily mean that all pages will be protected. You need to indicate which pages and content should be protected on the Paywallz portal.


Step 1

Go to your WordPress-enabled webite and log in to your WordPress Admin console (WP Admin).

There are hundreds of different platforms that support WordPress - from GoDaddy, Bluehost, SiteGround and HostGator to iPage and DreamHost. It doesn't matter which one you use, as long as you have administrative credentials to log into your WP Admin page.

Screen Shot 02.png

Step 2


From a separate browser window, login to your Paywall dashboard and copy the "Public Key" provided for the website you're planning to add the plugin to.

Simply highlight the text string you see beneath the field titled, "Public Key" and copy it. You will be pasting this string in to the plugin in a later step. Once you have a copy of this string, you can close this page.


Step 3

Back in the WordPress Admin console, from the left side menu, scroll down to Plugins and the click Add New on the right.


Step 4

In the search box that appears, type in "Paywallz" and hit enter (return). Then, beside the Paywallz logo, click Install Now.


Step 5

Once the installation has completed, click Activate.


Step 6

From the left side menu, click on "Paywallz" and then paste the Public Key you copied earlier in to the box titled, "Public Key" and click Use This Key.


That's it!

You're all done. Now you just need to confirm that you did things correctly. Open any browser to view your website and you should see that it now displays a widget that shows the word Share, as below.

You may have your widget show up in an alternate location - to the right or left side or even at the top - depending on how you defined it in the Paywallz portal. If you do NOT see the Share widget, try accessing the page from a new browser. If it still does not appear, please visit the Paywallz support page for troubleshooting tips.  Looking for your Paywallz Code Snippet? You can find it by logging in here.