These instructions will make the widget appear on select pages within your site. If you would like to protect several or all pages, you will simply follow the instructions below once through for each page. It is also important that you make sure your Weebly web plan includes SSL capability. (SSL allows us to make sure your subscribers' sensitive information is encrypted.) Typically, this requires that you have either a Weebly Business or Weebly Performance plan.


Step 1

Go to the Weebly website and select Log In at the top right.


Step 2


Enter your email address and password and then click Log In.

Make sure you have adequates privileges for the Weebly site you're going to be making changes to.


Step 3

Click Edit Site for the site you plan to enable Paywallz on.


Step 4

Expand the menu on the left side of the screen so you can see the Embed Code option near the bottom.


Step 5

Select Embed Code by clicking on it and then dragging it on to your web page on the right.

Once you have it hovering over the webpage, you can depress the mouse button. It doesn't matter where you drop it on the page, as long as you note where it is.


Step 6

Double-click in the "Embed Code" box that you just dropped on the page so that you can edit it. Then, click Edit Custom HTML.


Step 7

After clicking Edit Custom HTML, can you can simply paste in the code snippet provided to you in the Paywallz portal.


That's it!

You're all done. Now you just need to confirm that you did things correctly. Open any browser to view your website and you should see that it now displays a widget that shows the word Share, as below.

You may have your widget show up in an alternate location - to the right or left side or even at the top - depending on how you defined it in the Paywallz portal. If you do NOT see the Share widget, try accessing the page from a new browser. If it still does not appear, please visit the Paywallz support page for troubleshooting tips.  Looking for your Paywallz Code Snippet? You can find it by logging in here.