These instructions will make the widget appear on EVERY page within your site. However, this does not necessarily mean that all pages will be protected. You need to indicate which pages and content should be protected on the Paywallz portal


Step 1

Go to the Virb website and select Log In at the top right.


Step 2


Enter your email address and password and then click Log In.

Make sure you have adequates privileges for the Virb site you're going to be making changes to.


Step 3

Click Settings from the top menu.

The changes you will be making here will affect all pages.


Step 4

In the Settings window, scroll down to the Site Footer box and click the Insert Embed Code button from the bar.

The button will not display the words, "Insert Imbed Code" until you hover your cursor over it.


Step 5

In the box that appears, paste in the code snippet that was generated for you from the Paywallz portal.

Once this is done, you just need to save these changes by clicking Ok and then clicking Save and Close at the bottom of the page. Make sure you don't accidentally cancel any of the canges you have made.


That's it!

You're all done. Now you just need to confirm that you did things correctly. Open any browser to view your website and you should see that it now displays a widget that shows the word Share, as below.

You may have your widget show up in an alternate location - to the right or left side or even at the top - depending on how you defined it in the Paywallz portal. If you do NOT see the Share widget, try accessing the page from a new browser. If it still does not appear, please visit the Paywallz support page for troubleshooting tips.  Looking for your Paywallz Code Snippet? You can find it by logging in here.