Register for a Paywallz account. (It's free!) Verify your identity and financial information so we know where to send your earnings. 

site info

In your Paywallz account, you'll enter some details regarding your site (domain) and descriptive text that your customers will see on emails and credit card statements (if applicable).

You'll also upload a logo which will help reinforce your brand when a visitor is on your marketplace store page.

eg. Marketplace is a Paywallz hosted page where a visitor can subscriber or register to your website. 


In your Paywallz account, you'll enter the paths (pages) that you want protected.

These paths can be changed, added, removed whenever you wish.



After you've select the pages on your website you wish to protect, you'll associate those pages to a bundle which a visitor will have to register for or pay to access.

Paywallz' powerful bundle configurations allows you to control tiered access and plans.

For example.

  • Bundle 1 contains:
  • Bundle 2 contains:


set Pricing

You can create one-time purchases or subscription plans. Then, just set a price and a renewal period.


Copy the integration code snippet into your website. This snippet will create the paywall (or curtain) that automatically appears to protect your content and let your subscribers sign into your website, manage their account, share access—and much more.


The money from your visitors’ subscriptions is automatically deposited into your bank account.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 1.40.06 PM.png

8. All done!

With the Paywallz widget installed, a visitor going to a protected path (page) will be presented with the access options you've set.


live demo

Go to one of our demo sites which use Paywallz: is a current user on the platform.